Hiring and Human Resource Development

We operate our own worker recruitment website and offer training programs to upgrade careers

Hiring and human resource development

Drawing on the knowledge base we've built up over the years, we are expert in recruiting temporary placement workers. And thanks to the diversity of access channels particularly our own recruitment website we can hire workers who are not only best suited for the job, but possess the highest potential for growth. Equally important is the fact that we offer our workers the opportunity to enhance their careers through an extensive training system, which is vital in improving productivity at every production process for our clients.

Training system emphasizing proficiency and retention

To improve worker proficiency and retention, we've developed an extensive training and evaluation system. Through it, workers can develop existing and new skills, which leads to stronger drive as a result.

Traning / Education, Aptitude Evaluation, Regular Meetings, Individual Interviews, Worker Retention, Skills Improvement

We are developing worker interest in our company through a diversity of  channels