Profit Sharing Model

Our profit sharing business model is designed to maximize the corporate value of clients

Our business model makes us the company of choice

A business model based on profit sharing is highly effective in meeting the changing needs of clients by putting the lower costs-plus-higher quality approach into practice. The model's core concept calls for the integration of OUTSOURCING's business resources with those of the client in the aim of creating and enhancing corporate value. The client provides its manufacturing equipment as well as production planning and engineering expertise, and we offer specialized knowhow related to labor administration, recruitment and training of personnel, and PEO* services and the resulting synergy creates a mutually beneficial effect. In the process, we work with every client to establish specific targets of improvement, and by sharing the results, develop a win-win relationship. The end result is that we maximize the client's corporate value.

We handle PEO-type outsourcing

Our business platform is capable of PEO-type outsourcing, allowing us to respond flexibly to fluctuations in the client's production volume and allocate staff accordingly. PEO-type outsourcing is a system that pools workers and distributes them in accordance with the ebb and flow in demand of multiple client-manufacturers, making it possible to place quality workers on demand. In addition, it does away with the recruitment and retraining of workers within the business or industry being serviced, thereby enabling the placement of a stable corps of workers.

*PEO: Professional Employer Organization

Advantages of profit sharing model

Placement-type outsourcing Profit sharing model
Cost Payroll reductions resulting from flexibly increasing and decreasing staff in response to production fluctuations General cost reductions achieved from review and reforms to overall production process, worker benefits
Quality As the actual management rights rest with the client, the service provider holds no responsibility Because improvement targets are set together with client, maintenance and improvement of quality also comes within our scope of responsibility
Partnership Business relationship developed through staff placement
  • Establishes strong partnership by integrating business resources
  • Allows for development of proposals to enhance alliances and compliance