PEO Services

We provide flexible and appropriate
PEO Services matching client production cycles

Win-Win situation for client, for workers and for us

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) dispatches experienced workers and is already widely used in the United States and other developed countries. We adapted it for use in Japan, conforming to domestic laws and client needs, in a manner that is uniquely OUTSOURCING's. Our PEO service draws on employment expertise we developed (the Transfer Model, Daily Response Model, Dispatch of Experienced Workers Model) and allows clients to respond to fluctuations in production volume by flexibly increasing or reducing staff. Moreover, this service enables us to meet two conflicting client demands the need to maintain a flexible payroll and the need to secure a pool of skilled and experienced workers.

Benefits for Client

  • Simultaneously achieves both fixed cost flexibility (manufacturing staff payroll) and securing of experienced workers
  • Reduction of manpower for administrative and related tasks
  • Reduction of manufacturing staff hiring costs and risks

Benefits for us

  • One-stop securing of experienced workers by region
  • Reduction of hiring and training costs when transferring workers from client to client
  • Strengthening of ties with clients

Benefits for workers

  • Even in downtimes, workers remain employed by working in other PEO-participant companies
  • Can acquire new skills, depending on desired placement