Our partnerships are contingent on compliance, and as we enter into alliances with major corporations, we've reinforced our compliance regime

Full compliance is foundational to growth

As an enterprise committed wholeheartedly to the betterment of society, we hold ourselves to the highest, most critical standards. When mass layoffs invited an outburst of public criticism of outsourcing service providers and their clients, we managed to avoid such problems because our corporate policy has always been grounded on transparency and public disclosure. As professionals in the human resources field, we firmly believe that manufacturing can only be made more efficient and productive by complying with domestic laws and regulations to the fullest, thereby earning the trust and confidence of our clients and general public.

Our Compliance Regime

Our Corporate Governance System

Our Compliance Regime

  • 01Labor management
  • 02Health and safety education
  • 03Medical examinations
  • 04Measures taken to reduce
    danger and/or prevent worker health issues
  • 05Responses to workplace injuries
  • 06Work restrictions
  • 07Work management
  • 08Work instructions(direct instructions)
  • 09Restrictions on working hours
  • 10Education related to
    occupational training