Solutions Tailored to Our Clients

Optimal, client-specific solutions addressing every need and issue

Extensive experience and knowledge base makes it all possible

We support clients in their decision-making with regards to resolving every major issue they confront. We do this by thoroughly understanding a client's operating situation and the challenges management needs to tackle, identifying issues in the manufacturing process and other operations, devising concepts and recommendations to achieve growth, establishing improvement targets, and developing optimal solutions.

Preliminary Steps

  • 01Inquiry
  • 02Visit and meeting with representatives
  • 03Investigation, analysis
  • 04Develop plan / Establish appropriate
    structure / Conclude sevice contract
  • 05Contract executed
  • 06Contract completed
  • 07Contract extended or broadened

Our Track Record by Industry

  • Electronics
    LCD, OA devices, digital cameras, connectors, LED, condensers, magnetic heads, crystal units, crystal filters, telecommunications devices, disk drives, electronic health products, semiconductors, fiber optics, printing platforms
  • Automobiles
    Brake pads, lighting systems, electric vehicle batteries, seats, interior panels, steering systems, aluminum wheels, airbags, engine components, tires, bicycles, automobiles, special-purpose vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, parts and components
  • Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics
    Air conditioners, audio equipment, lighting systems, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, televisions, electric water heaters, electric generators, electric cookers, telephones, personal computers, disk players, refrigerators
  • Steel and Metals
    Metal refining, casting and forging, steel and aluminum can production, surface finishing
  • Housing and Construction
    Aluminum sash, sanitary ware, wall and ceiling materials, plywood, sash, sanitary products, complete kitchen systems, home construction materials, secondary cement products, bathroom sinks and vanity mirrors, paneling, flooring, boards
  • Food
    Foodstuffs, processed foods, snack items, soft drinks, seasoning ingredients, dairy products, pastas and noodles, oil-based food products, frozen confectionary, frozen foods
  • Others
    Plant management, administration