OUTSOURCING Group CSR Basic Policy


We will strictly observe all applicable laws and regulations, and we will strive to make all business activities conform to sound business practices and social norms.

We will make relationships with clients and competitors transparent and fair, and will conduct just transactions.

Regarding employment relationships, we will adhere to the spirit of the Labor Standards Act, taking into consideration fundamental human rights and improving labor conditions.

We will not discriminate on the basis of birthplace, nationality, race, ethnicity, beliefs, sex, age, disability or any other individual personal traits.

We will strictly observe all laws and regulations related to corporate management including the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and engage in healthy corporate activities.

We have a resolute position regarding anti-social influences and groups that threaten peace and security of society, completely shutting out any ties.


We are fully devoted to occupational safety and health including provisions in the Rules of Employment, striving for the prevention of labor injuries and creation of a comfortable workplace environment, with an aim at maintaining the health of all employees.

Everyone is responsible for keeping the workplace tidy and in order, maintaining cleanliness, working toward the formation of healthy interpersonal relationships, with an aim toward creating a comfortable workplace environment.

We will work towards preventing all types of harassment including sexual and power harassment, creating a workplace where everyone can feel assured.


We will aim to be a firm with high transparency of management that is trusted by society, making timely and appropriate disclosures of corporate information, and will promote active communications with all stakeholders including shareholders.

Regarding important shareholder information related to shareholder financial assets, we will take extreme care to ensure there is no divulgence, following strict protections.

4.Contribution to Society

We will contribute to the healthy development and harmony of the local community as a member through our daily activities.